On April 5, the most recent version of Unreal Engine was published, and game creators are already attempting to turn their wildest visions into photorealistic reality. Enter Volod, a video game tech artist who has produced a fascinating Superman-style flying demo using components from Epic Games’ newly released The Matrix-themed asset pack.

The “City Sample” is a free downloadable asset pack created by Epic Games to assist developers understand how the tech demo for The Matrix Awakens that was shown at The Game Awards last year was created. The assets include the demo’s buildings, cars, and crowds, among others. Both the Matrix demo and its content bundle make advantage of Unreal Engine 5’s new AI, lighting, and renderer algorithms. If you have a gaming PC that won’t blow up when you attempt to install a game engine, Neo’s San Francisco can already be used to create amazing things. For example, have a look at the Superman demo below:

The tremendous sensation of velocity and the city’s size definitely sell me on the dream of flying about like a superhero, even if Volod’s sample employs a faceless character model that bears little similarity to the caped hero. The character’s maneuvers are precise, and avoiding smushing while navigating the underpass seems to be a lot more enjoyable to play with than normal flying dynamics.

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