Halo: The Master Chief Collection has received a new update that contains a variety of bug fixes and enhancements to the overall experience. New Halo 3: ODST combat variations such as Floodfight, which puts you against Flood opponents, and Halo 3 cross-platform co-op are maybe more interesting.

This update is one of the largest in recent memory for MCC, clocking in at about 22 megabytes on Xbox systems, particularly as 343 Industries continues to concentrate on the newest Halo game, Halo Infinite. What’s new in Update 1.2819.0.0?

Firefight in Halo 3: ODST

When establishing a Firefight session, you may choose from a variety of additional options. Hazards and friendly “Boons” such as extra weaponry on the battlefield and teammates transported through Insertion Pods have been added to the scenario options.

For the first time, Elites will be available in New Mombasa, as well as a new Firefight game type called Floodfight.

The Wave Properties options may also be used to add Elites and Flood adversaries to other Halo 3: ODST Firefight game types.

Flood waves will be followed by a fog that alters the ambiance of traditional levels, and lost teammates may return to fight players.

In the new scenario options, flood-related dangers are now accessible. Flood Dispersal Pods, Flood Stalkers, and Flood-Controlled Vehicles are examples of these risks.

Cross-Platform Co-op in Halo 3 (Experimental)

These campaigns may now be played jointly online on PCs and Xbox platforms.

This functionality has been internally tested, but the team needs more information from actual gamers with various networking settings. If you have any troubles in-game, please create a Bug Report ticket and share your thoughts on this feature on the Halo Waypoint forums.

Customized Game Browser Enhancements

All games in the Master Chief Collection are now accessible for use in Custom Game Browser sessions, in addition to various menu changes.

The Custom Game Browser menu now contains a “Quick Match” option. Players and their party members will be able to join a match that matches their Filter selections without having to go through the whole list of available sessions.

Campaign Customization in Halo 4

To show equipped weapon skins in-game, activate the Campaign Customization option while beginning a Halo 4 campaign.

Skulls Have Arrived

The Acrophobia Skull has been introduced to the campaign of Halo 2: Anniversary.

In Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST, sixteen additional skulls have been included.

There’s a lot more in this update, including new Halo 3 medals, Halo 3: ODST mod tools, and a ton of bug patches, adjustments, rebalances, and enhancements to MCC in general, so see the patch notes for a complete list.

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