Dying Light 2 was a breath of new air for fans of big-budget games, delivering a game that lived up to the promises made by developer and publisher Techland, as well as the expectations established. While the game has garnered positive reviews since its debut in December 2021, there is still a lot of more material that the game could need.

The inclusion of a New Game Plus option is one of the most apparent upgrades from launch that would tremendously benefit Dying Light 2. With this feature confirmed to be included in the game’s next big update, the advantages it might bring to the zombie-infested game are vast.

What is New Game Plus, and how does it work?

New Game Plus is a gameplay option that has traditionally been most prominent in role-playing games, and it has been believed to be coming to Dying Light 2 for quite some time. After beating a game, players may play New Game Plus, which is a new replay that retains elements like experience levels, objects, and abilities from the previous session.

In addition, the major draw of many New Game Plus modes is the scaling of foes to match a player’s maintained end-game level, as well as the scaling of droppable loot and awards. This encourages players to keep playing, leveling up, and improving their gear, resulting in enormous advantages to a game’s total replayability.

The Advantages of Dying Light 2’s New Game Plus

Now that Dying Light 2 has been officially confirmed to have a New Game Plus, the game’s suitability for such a mode is clearer than ever. Dying Light 2’s fundamental gameplay is based on skill trees, leveling up, and rarity-specific gear and weaponry, therefore it more than fits the role-playing requirements that are required for a good New Game Plus experience.

Dying Light 2 already has post-game exploration and an enemy scaling system, which means that players may potentially level up indefinitely in post-game while fighting scaled monsters and gaining scaled weapons and gear. The biggest issue with restricting this gaming to the post-game is that most players will have already finished the bulk of the game’s content by this stage, leaving little reason for them to level up and explore. With gamers in Dying Light 2 already resorting to modifications to break up the monotony, it’s evident that New Game Plus will be a major help in shaking things up while being quite simple to deploy.

Enemy and treasure scaling, which is already a prominent feature of Dying Light 2’s post-game, will be translated to a New Game Plus mode, allowing players to take advantage of the combat and parkour bonuses. Starting a new playthrough in Dying Light 2 is already appealing due to the game’s branching plot and different endings, and being able to do so inside a New Game Plus mode enables players to further explore the game’s story without the constraints of starting over.

New Game Plus modes have always worked well in co-op RPGs, with the genre-defining Diablo series relying on them as a fundamental reason in its popularity and replayability. With Dying Light 2 emphasizing co-op gameplay, New Game Plus provides gamers even more reasons to play with their pals for longer periods of time and with more variety.

Dying Light 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox One X. A Nintendo Switch version is presently under developed.

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