Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts IV, a primary sequel to 2019’s Kingdom Hearts III, is in development.

This was disclosed during a 20th Anniversary announcement video published by Square Enix today, and the screen flicks to “The Lost Master Arc” after nearly four minutes of information regarding existing and new Kingdom Hearts mobile games. The missing master is probably Sora, who is sleeping in the Tokyo-like environment we last saw him in, as you could assume from the closing of Kingdom Hearts III.

We get a peek of Sora and Kingdom Hearts in a radically new visual style — certainly the most realistic-looking Kingdom Hearts ever, with a full aesthetic revamp for Sora and the world’s NPCs. A narrator speaks the following while flashing across some lovely environments:

“Leave this world for another if this isn’t the finale you wanted – if it gives you sadness.” There are several solutions available to you. The heart is housed inside the soul, which is then led to its proper location by destiny. Once again, the option is yours. However, don’t expect to return to the planet from which you came if you leave this one.”

It’s a foreboding warning, allegedly delivered to Sora by some of the Organization XIII members seen towards the trailer’s finish, and it makes it plain that we’ll be battling Heartless in this new Tokyo-like city. It doesn’t help that a massive Heartless arrives in the midst of the city and starts wreaking havoc.

But first, a female informs Sora that he has been asleep in this world for a week. Sora recognizes the Heartless menace in the city quickly and, as one would assume, runs straight towards it, Keyblade in hand. Some new maneuvers in Sora’s repertoire are shown here, including some light parkour abilities and a Keyblade chain that functions similarly to a grappling hook. Before launching a deadly magic drill assault that destroys the Heartless, he climbs his way up a building and then down another plunging through the air.

While this teaser doesn’t explicitly address the events of Kingdom Hearts III’s last chapter, which are undoubtedly reminiscent of Final Fantasy Versus XIII thanks to the in-game Verum Rex franchise, it’s apparent that this is the same universe. If Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomura is returning to lead Kingdom Hearts IV, one thing is clear: he seems to be delving deep into the Verum Rex aspect of the series to develop what is essentially his Versus XIII.

When we find out whether that’s what this is or if it’s something totally new, only time will tell, since the clip doesn’t mention any type of release date. Mainstream Kingdom Hearts titles typically take a long time to build, although Nomura has previously said that a successor to Kingdom Hearts III would not take as long to develop as Kingdom Hearts III did.

If you’re afraid that Kingdom Hearts 3’s Verum Rex side would limit the possibility of Disney characters and worlds, don’t fret. After unveiling the title, the teaser turns to Donald and Goofy searching for Sora before being ambushed. ‘Hey, don’t worry — Disney is still going to be a part of this franchise in Kingdom Hearts IV,’ says this small scene.

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